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Does the Beneficiary of an Estate have any Say?
- California Trust Tax Return: What a trustee should know about a tax return.
- Do Assets Put in Trusts Avoid Estate Taxes: Creative ways to reduce estate taxes with a trust.
- IRA Beneficiaries: Important information that every IRA beneficiary should know up front.

Trust and Estate Planning Expert Witness
- Irrevocable Trust Attorney: What are the benefits of placing assets in an irrevocable trust?
- Trust Tax Deferral: Learn of ways to reduce estate taxes through trust accounts.
- California Private Professional Fiduciary: What is the role of a private professional fiduciary in California and why does it matter to you?
- Testimonies of Trust and Estate Planning Expert Witness Tucker Cheadle Learn the details of a case where Tucker Cheadle was the expert witness and changed California law.
- Trust Expert Witness Discusses Trust Distributions An experienced expert witness will bring perspective to trust distributions learned from years of managing trusts.
- Trust Expert Witness Discusses Trust Termination and Trust Decanting Learn why trust termination and trust decanting can actually be a good thing.

Private Professional Fiduciaries
- Personal Injury Settlements and Taxes: Basic rules for taxes of personal injury settlements.
- Trust Protection: What everyone needs to know about protecting trust assets from creditors.
- California Wills and Trust Attorney: How to save money and protect your assets.

California Expert Witness for Trust and Estate Trials
- Retaining an Expert Witness for Trust and Estate Trials: Key factors you should be considering.
- California Trust and Estate Expert Witness Credibility: Credibility, or lack of, will make or break your case.
- Standard of Care for Trust and Estate Trials: Understanding what it is and why it matters for your case.

Trust Accounting
- Probate Accounting: What duties does a personal representative have in California probate?

Trust Administration Taxation Lawyer
- Living Trust Administration California: The essential steps a trustee must take when doing living trust administration in California.
- Special Needs Trust Administration: The special needs person might be disqualified from receiving public benefits if the trust is not properly drafted.
- Distribution of Trust Assets: Six types of trust assets and how to distribute them.
- Removal of Trustee from Family Trust in California: Three ways to remove a trustee from a family trust in California.

Trust Tax Attorney
- Accounting Expert Witness: How can an accounting expert witness help a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust?
- Trust and Estate Planning Expert Witness Los Angeles: A Los Angeles based expert witness will understand the law pertaining to California cases over someone out of state or region.
- Financial Elder Abuse: What are the most common types of financial elder abuse in California?

Tucker Cheadle Trust Administrator
- Mitigation of Damages Estate Planning Documents: How the wrong documents can make a sizable difference in the final distribution of assets.
- Standard of Care in Administration of Trusts and Estates: What is the standard of care and why does it matter to you and your beneficiaries?
- Trustee's Liability to the Heirs of a Decedent: What are the liabilities and what financial consequences may exist if they are paid out to the wrong beneficiary?
- Trust and Estate Planning Expert Witness Results: A favorable outcome is always the goal, make sure you have the best expert for the task.

Partnership Disputes and Creative Solutions

Beneficiary Rights Under ERISA Plans

Trust vs. LLC

Opportunities for Trustee to Reduce Liability
- Claims Against a Drafting Trust Attorney: What is the law regarding legal malpractice of a drafting trust attorney?
- Trustee vs. Beneficiary: What are the common claims against a Trustee from Beneficiaries in a trust?

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